Vitamin C Skin Whitening Injection

Gluta White – The best vitamin c skin whitening injection

Gluta White Vitamin C Injections give pure Vitamin C straight to the bloodstream. Because vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that shields the body from the impacts of hazardous agents, regular vitamin C injections can improve physical health and delay the beginning of the illness.

Precautions: For professional use only.

Not suitable for: Breast feeder allergy to vitamin (any kind) pregnant woman, patient with cardiovascular problems.


  • Do not expose to sunlight or heat
  • Keep out of reach children
  • Store at room temperature

Dosage: 500 or 1000 mg daily, in divided dosage or as directed by the physician

For intramuscular (IM) or intravenous (IV)

Advantages of Vitamin C Injections?

Vitamin C should be a constant in every diet because it provides so many advantages for our health and wellbeing.

Here is a list of some advantages of vitamin C:

Make your skin appear healthier and younger

Nobody wants their skin to be dry and wrinkly. now add vitamin C. It has been discovered that high vitamin C intakes reduce the risk of dry skin and wrinkles, and that those with high vitamin C intakes generally have better, more youthful skin.

Powerful Antioxidant

Ascorbic acid, which is a component of vitamin C, is essential for the survival and growth of bodily tissue. It is an extremely potent antioxidant that can defend your body against dangerous free radicals. Since free radicals can cause cancer, heart disease, and arthritis, vitamin C can essentially help avoid these serious illnesses.

Prevents complications from the common cold in the future

While studies on the widely held belief that Vitamin C can help combat colds and prevent colds are still inconclusive, studies have shown that Vitamin C does prevent significant problems from arising when you are ill. If you’re feeling under the weather, use vitamin C to prevent the common cold from turning severe.

Resolves Stress

Most of us are familiar with the adversary of stress. Feeling overburdened and stressed out can occasionally result from obligations to work, family, and other commitments. Although vitamin C won’t necessarily make you feel less anxious, it will assist your body stay healthy even when under tremendous stress by preserving the strength of your immune system.

Reduces the risk of a Stroke

According to a recent study, stroke risk was significantly lower in patients with greater blood levels of vitamin C than in those with lower levels. Although the results are not yet conclusive, it is an intriguing potential advantage of vitamin C.